If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton

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Online training in mentoring
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Mentoring Matters is a community of people who support the development of robust mentoring initiatives with a special emphasis on enabling sustainable development in intercultural contexts.

Mentoring is one of the most effective staff development tools. It is personal, relevant, relationship-driven and flexible. Mentoring is especially beneficial in intercultural organisations where investing in the professional development of every staff member – regardless of age, gender, race or language – is of the utmost importance.

Mentoring is an art but it is also a skill that can be honed and developed. Setting up a formal mentoring program is a significant organisational change that needs to be strategically planned and supported.

Mentoring Matters brings together people who are interested in:

  • setting up robust mentoring programs in their organisations
  • starting or strengthening mentoring relationships
  • exploring different ways of mentoring
  • learning about mentoring in intercultural contexts
  • sharing their experience in mentoring for sustainable development.

We hope you find our pages on mentoring helpful. You can start by exploring different types of mentoring, reading about mentoring competencies, looking through our list of various resources for mentors, mentees and supervisors, signing up for one of our online trainings or checking out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Having had a mentor who is experienced in my domain helped me understand what my job is really about. After years of being with my organisation, I now act as a mentor to others. I believe in mentoring because it is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of investing in the development ofContinue reading “Apolinaire”


Acting as a mentor is a very rewarding experience. Every time I mentor someone, I learn new things from them. I also find motivation and satisfaction in being a mentor because I know that passing on my skills and experience to others will leave a legacy in my organisation and beyond.


The Introduction to Mentoring course demystified mentoring to me and will be a great help as I raise discussions about this important learning process in my area.


​I personally might have given up on my work had I not had the encouragement of the two mentors I have had. Over the years my mentors have invited me to participate in their consulting work, taken time out of their busy schedules to meet with me face to face and through skype, helped meContinue reading “Jessica”


A good mentor is a great gift. During my first term on the field I experienced what it is like to take up a new assignment in a remote, cross-cultural work situation without a mentor. It was stressful, difficult and discouraging. Recently, I have had the privilege to be mentored by experienced people who believedContinue reading “Eszter”


I am very pleased to have a mentor who sometimes observes me at work, helps me see my mistakes and gives me valuable suggestions for how I can improve in my consulting skills. Having a knowledgeable mentor by my side motivates me and pushes me to do better and better each day.


Mentoring should always be seen as a two-way street. I have worked with many people who had skills and gifts I lacked. Though I could be helpful in their development, I needed to also learn from them. Everyone, whatever the role, gains experience over time, and there are always those to whom that experience shouldContinue reading “Frank”


In the process of mentoring, I have also learnt that I am not a “work imposter” but have, by slow and painful process over many years, acquired competency. How I wish that mentoring would have been on offer when I started working!


I took SIL’s Introduction to Mentoring online course recently with two of my staff members. Although I have been both a mentor and/or mentee over much of the past 20 years, I found this training to be very foundational for anyone who is considering a mentoring relationship. (I would almost want to call it mandatory.)Continue reading “Steve”


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