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No amount of situation or behavior changing will lead to personality development in adults unless accompanied by self-reflection.


Mentoring Matters is a short email newsletter sent out every couple of months to support the implementation of formal mentoring programmes in our various contexts. It is designed to inform and encourage those who are involved in setting up and running mentoring programmes in their organisations. If you would like to sign up for Mentoring Matters, open one of the newsletters below and click on “Subscribe” in the top-left corner.

Mentoring Matters #1 – December 2019

Mentoring Matters #2 – January 2020

Mentoring Matters #3 – April 2020

Mentoring Matters #4 – October 2020

Mentoring Matters #5 – June 2021

Mentoring Matters #6 – January 2022

Mentoring Matters #7 – September 2022

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