Mentor training

Rather than develop a one-time startup training program, establish ongoing learning opportunities to encourage people to take the next step in their mentoring skills, knowledge and development.

L. J. Zachary

SIL offers an 18-hour synchronous online course called Introduction to Mentoring to help mentors, mentees and managers clarify their understanding of mentoring and make the most of it as a staff development tool. Have a look at the syllabus here. The course is available in English and in French.

As a follow-up course to Introduction to Mentoring, SIL offers Practical Mentoring, an asynchronous online course to help mentors in their continued professional development and to hone practical mentoring skills in an already existing mentoring relationship. This self-paced course offers a selection of 12 modules. You can consult the syllabus here. It is an asynchronous course so you can engage with the materials at any time it is convenient for you.

Sign up for upcoming online training in mentoring:

CourseDates of Zoom sessionsLanguage of instructionSign up forms
Introduction to Mentoring29th Sept – 3rd Nov, Thursdays
14:00-15:30 UTC
EnglishSign me up
Practical Mentoring
(Intro to Mentoring is a prerequisite)
No organised zoom sessions. It is a self-paced course. EnglishSign me up

Resources to train mentors

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