The mentor of adult learners is not so much interested in fixing the road as in helping the protégé become a competent traveler.

L. A. Daloz

We have found the following articles helpful. Let us know about other concise resources on mentoring by leaving a comment below.

Cross-cultural mentoring

5 Ways to Use Mentoring to Create an Inclusive Workplace – by Lisa Z. Fain (2020)

Understanding Diversity Mentoring – by D. Clutterbuck (2012)

Articles on understanding cultural values and developing cross-cultural coaching and mentoring skills – by Tina Stolzfus Horst

Other articles on mentoring

Why Mentoring Programmes and Relationships Fail – By D. Clutterbuck (2011)

How to connect with your mentee/coachee during COVID-19? A short, practical post by Finfer & Tamir (2020)

25 Questions to Ask a Mentor – by Jo Miller

How To Receive From a Mentor: Explore, Experiment, Examine, Expect – by Tim Elmore (2010)

Six Metaphors for Effective Mentorships – by Tim Elmore (2018)

Six Qualities Of a Great Mentor – by Tim Elmore (2017)

How your DiSC profile influences the mentorship: Mentoring With DiSC Style – by K. Drahosz (2019)

Supervising With Coaching Skills – by K. Webb (2014)

Millenials Want Mentoring, But This Kind – by K. Webb (2019)

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