Downloadable tools

The personal can never be divorced from the professional. We teach who we are in times of darkness as well as in light.

P. J. Palmer

A list of dowloadable resources for mentors, mentees and supervisors to support and manage formal mentoring relationships.

This short template contains names, contacts, goals, process, evaluation, signatures – download the short template as a google doc

This longer template gives more details concerning the mentoring process and the responsibilities of each party. – download the long template as a google doc

Mentoring Planning Worksheet – google doc

Skills for Successful Mentoring: Competencies of Outstanding Mentors and Mentees – by L. Phillips-Jones (2003) This short booklet explains key competencies that are needed in a well-functioning mentorship. It also contains a self-evaluation for both mentors and mentees entitled “My Mentoring Skills”.

This document gives a good example of communicating guidelines about a formal mentoring program in an organisation. This concise, 4-page document explains clearly to mentor, mentee and supervisor what their roles entail and what the usual procedures are that ensure the smooth running of the program. Thank you to SIL SOA for sharing their guidelines to inspire other teams, too.

Values chart to explore cross-cultural differences that might affect the mentoring relationship and ideas on how to use this chart – available on

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