The best thing any of us have to bring to leadership is our own transforming selves.

R. H. Barton

Here are some websites that might be of interest on the topic of staff development. Let us know about informative websites or blogs that could be included here by leaving a comment below.


Keith Webb writes regularly about coaching, mentoring and leadership topics, touching on cross-cultural and inter-generational issues in the workplace as well as on coaching skills and certification.

A blog with monthly, short and informative posts about staff development, mentoring and management by The Training Connection Inc.

A couple of free blogs by Authenticity Consulting: about consulting skills and organisational develoment, team performace and coaching.


Dancing Between Cultures: Culturally Intelligent Coaching – A useful website with tools and blog posts about cross-cultural coaching for Missions and Ministry.

Coaching & Mentoring – a webpage on the portal.

National Mentoring Resource Centre, US – A website rich in valuable information: research, evidence reviews, practical tips, mentoring program implementation, training and technical advice.

Training Industry collection on mentoring – A website devoted to promoting innovation related to Learning and Development in the workplace.

Certificate in Mentoring – a credit rated, online training course offered by the Institute of Counselling in the UK.

Mobile Member Care Toolbox – a catalog of user-friendly resources for those who care for others, especially in cross-cultural settings.

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