A lifetime of mentoring – interview with Dr Katy Barnwell

Dr Michael Jemphrey, Translation and Anthropology Consultant, SIL Dr Katy Barnwell needs no introduction to anyone in the Bible translation world. I first met her when I was a newbie consultant in training in Cote d’Ivoire at a consultant workshop she led in the 1980’s. The way she gently encouraged us and sensitively handled someContinue reading “A lifetime of mentoring – interview with Dr Katy Barnwell”

Speaking grace and truth in mentoring: how we grow through challenges

Kate M, Translation Consultant, SIL If somebody asked me, what was missing from mentoring I received as a translation consultant-in-training, I would say, “Being challenged – challenged to grow in my consultant and interpersonal skills; challenged to develop deeper knowledge of Biblical languages; challenged in writing papers; and challenged in my knowledge of related disciplines.”Continue reading “Speaking grace and truth in mentoring: how we grow through challenges”

Brain-friendly mentoring

Eszter Ernst-Kurdi, Training Coordinator, SIL Francophone Africa Have you ever wondered what makes certain mentoring pairs more performant than others? Do you know colleagues or teams in your organisation that work so well together that it’s a joy to watch what they achieve together? As I look back on my professional development, I am particularlyContinue reading “Brain-friendly mentoring”

Get mentoring off the ground!

Dr Michael Jemphrey, Robust Mentoring Leader, SIL “Mentoring is a great idea!” — after the Introduction to Mentoring online course everyone is convinced. Everyone would love to have a mentor. However, the reality is that far fewer people feel qualified to be a mentor for others. I think that is common to most of usContinue reading “Get mentoring off the ground!”

Le mentorat comme levier de motivation et de productivité / Mentoring that boosts motivation and productivity

Orphée-Marcelle Nogbou, HR Manager, SIL Côte d’Ivoire The English translation of the post is just below the French original. Please scroll down to read it. L’un des facteurs importants de la compétitivité d’une organisation tient particulièrement à sa capacité à se doter en capital humain. En effet, la qualité de ce capital conditionne sa productivité.Continue reading “Le mentorat comme levier de motivation et de productivité / Mentoring that boosts motivation and productivity”

Au rythme du mentorat / The Rhythm Of Mentoring

Yves Léonard, Conseiller en traduction, Wycliffe Canada & Seed Company & Société biblique américaine The English translation of the post is just below the French original. Please scroll down to read it. Qui d’entre nous ne voudrait pas avoir à ses côtés le soutien d’un défenseur, d’une personne engagée à favoriser sa croissance, son succèsContinue reading “Au rythme du mentorat / The Rhythm Of Mentoring”

Online Training in Mentoring

Dr Michael Jemphrey & Eszter Ernst-Kurdi, Introduction to Mentoring Course Leaders, SIL Do mentoring relationships actually work?  Typically, three out of ten relationships do succeed. But if you train the mentors, then this number rises to six out of ten, and if you train both mentors and mentees, the success rate increases dramatically to nineContinue reading “Online Training in Mentoring”

Control your inner thoughts and become a more effective mentor

Stacey Wyse, Director for Coaching and Mentoring, SIL Global HR I am a practical learner. I strive to put into practice what I am learning. By doing so I seek to solidify my new skills and increase my effectiveness. During a Team Coaching Course, there was a module about Coaching Conversations, where the coach’s inner dialogueContinue reading “Control your inner thoughts and become a more effective mentor”

Be careful what you ask…

Paul Murrell, Linguistics Consultant in Training, SIL Central African Republic “What work would you like to do next year?” I thought our question was a fairly straightforward one, but the stony silence that greeted it suggested otherwise. I was first amused, then bemused and finally completely disorientated as the minutes of silence stretched painfully intoContinue reading “Be careful what you ask…”

Matching mentors and mentees

Dora Carlos, Director of Programs, SIL Southern Africa Some people have had negative experiences in the past in mentoring relationships, which makes them hesitant to sign up for being a mentor or mentee again. However, there are ways to match mentors and mentees well and to support their relationship in a way that makes negativeContinue reading “Matching mentors and mentees”