Resources for mentors

The mentor of adult learners is not so much interested in fixing the road as in helping the mentee become a
competent traveller.

L. A. Daloz

The Resources section of this site is rich in different kinds of tools and articles but if you are looking for the essentials to learn about how to start mentoring someone or grow in your mentoring practice, here are our recommended choices:

“I personally might have given up on my work had I not had the encouragement of the two mentors I have had. Over the years my mentors have invited me to participate in their consulting work, taken time out of their busy schedules to meet with me face to face and through skype, helped me make decisions about which opportunities to pursue, and challenged me by having bigger dreams for me than I would have had.” — Jessica

Resources to get you started:

Tools you can use to improve your mentoring practice:

Resources to help when you feel stuck:

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