Reflections on the Transition from Student Ministry to Workplace Mentoring

Cassie Weishaupt, Data Scientist, SIL I learned the importance of discipleship in student ministry at McGill university. During my final two years there, my discipler, Anka, closely fostered my spiritual growth. We read books together on the nature of God and the meaning of the Gospel. She coached me through relationship struggles, walked me throughContinue reading “Reflections on the Transition from Student Ministry to Workplace Mentoring”

Online Training in Mentoring

Dr Michael Jemphrey & Eszter Ernst-Kurdi, Introduction to Mentoring Course Leaders, SIL Do mentoring relationships actually work?  Typically, three out of ten relationships do succeed. But if you train the mentors, then this number rises to six out of ten, and if you train both mentors and mentees, the success rate increases dramatically to nineContinue reading “Online Training in Mentoring”