Intentional Mentoring in SIL Cameroon – Coffee and Snacks Included!

Heline Kimbung, HR Director, SIL CameroonLarry Seguin, Community Engagement and Sociolinguistics Coordinator, SIL Cameroon Leadership development and mentoring in SIL Cameroon In July 2021, SIL Cameroon launched a leadership development and mentoring program aimed at intentionally investing in its future leaders through tapping into the knowledge and experience of its more experienced staff. The programContinue reading “Intentional Mentoring in SIL Cameroon – Coffee and Snacks Included!”

How can I develop my mentoring skills?

Eszter Ernst-Kurdi, Training Domain Team Leader, SIL Francophone Africa Tony Horsfall points out in his book Mentoring for Spiritual Growth that “no one begins as a perfect mentor. Most learn on the job and through experience.” I don’t know about you but I often find myself doubting whether I am doing a good job passingContinue reading “How can I develop my mentoring skills?”